The Ultimate Story
Of Eternal Love

Castillo de Lilo

Castillo de Lilo is the place to live your dream in harmony with nature

2004 – Located in Potrero Beach in the northwest region of Guanacaste, the castle is in one of the most touristic areas of the country. This remarkable castle is situated on the highest peak of the surrounding mountains, at a height of 2,230 feet above sea level, in a strategic and sensational peak where it allows for 360-degree panoramic views.

The original engineer of this masterpiece dedicated his last work in the name of love. Building a fortress of maximum protection, it was the promise he had made to his fiancée and his little baby Lilo before they made the grave decision to try to escape from a war-torn Germany after refusing to submit to an oppressive system devoid of freedom until the end.

Unfortunately, during this attempt, his fiancée and baby Lilo died while crossing a minefield. Castillo de Lilo is the ultimate symbol of protection and eternal love.


The Owners

Marco Bedino
Marco Bedino
Co-owner and Chef
Ericka Villalobos
Ericka Villalobos
Co-owner and Manager

Top of the Top!

The TOP of the TOP!

Arriving at Castillo de Lilo is an instant transport to a magical place, the view, the silence, and the serenity are almost indescribable, it feels as though the real world below can not reach you. At least until the guests arrive and PARTY starts!
One of the few places where you can start partying and not stop at 10pm. This was an outstanding and unique place for our company get-together. Everything was fantastic, the appetizer style food was delicious and seemed straight from Tuscany, the bar service was spot on and the local live musician Ericka and Marco suggested made the whole atmosphere even more special. I can't recommend the place, or the hosts, enough! Thank You!

Heith Geister, USA

One of a kind - MAGICAL venue!

We were the wedding videographers for wedding held at Castillo de Lilo and it was unbelievable. We have been to many venues in Costa Rica and this one is so different! It is a REAL castle and the energy there is so pure.You have a 360 view of the beautiful Costa Rican mountains and ocean for miles upon miles. Another huge plus to booking this venue for your wedding is how isolated it is. The castle is entirely yours. You can be as loud as you want for as long as you want!Marco & Ericka are such great people to work with as well. They are hard-working and honest people who truly care about making your day as special as it can possibly be.Highly recommended. I hope we get to shoot again there very soon!!

TamCam Media, Costa Rica

Un lugar super lindo, vistas increíbles, una atención super especial

Angelica Cruz, Costa Rica
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Harmony with Nature


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